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EnviroKlenz® Air Treatment EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System versus Carbon Filter Devices

The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is an innovative, portable processor for eliminating indoor environmental sensitivity triggers. Once an EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is installed with its patented air cartridge technology, it immediately begins to mitigate a broad spectrum of chemicals, fragrances, VOCs, odors, and allergens. We are often asked how our process compares to typical air filtration devices and those that use carbon filters. The majority of systems only focus on particle filtration. These devices may use a combination of traditional pleated filters and/or HEPA filtration. These may do a fine job of removing particulates, but they do not address chemical pollutants and odors. To combat this drawback, some devices add in solid sorbents, such as carbon and carbon-based filters, which try to capture air pollutants by means of physical adsorption. Such filters have only limited removal capacities and often no adsorptive neutralization capabilities resulting in the chemical contaminates potentially being released back into the environment which is a major drawback of these systems. The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System uses safe earth minerals as the cartridge media. More specifically they are metal oxides, which are known to be safe, and our patented process converts them into an active form while retaining all the safe benefits. This enables them to be effective against a broad array of chemical pollutants and chemical classes. EnviroKlenz is very attractive when you look at various product options on the market because it puts nothing into the atmosphere. It draws pollutants into the patented cartridge where it is destroyed and not released. We say it is “non-invasive” in nature and actually leaves the environment in better condition that it was previously.

  • Product dimensions: 15.5′′W x 15′′D x 19′′H; weighs less than 35 pounds. 115 volts; 60 Hz; 1 amp; 100 watts; 8-foot power cord(shipped free to your residence or business)
  • A multi-speed blower offers the quiet and efficient airflow. The low setting allows for near silent operation while still maintaining odor elimination. Medium to High speeds creates maximum air efficiency at noise levels still suitable for residential and commercial use.
  • Affordable replacement filters and cartridges.
  • No tools are required for unit maintenance.

EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System utilizes advanced technology to provide maximum air cleaning efficiency for your home and office. EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System combines our patented cartridge technology and HEPA filtration to remove a variety of indoor environmental sensitivity triggers. Shop For Mobile Air System

Particle removalChemical neutralizationNo chemical off-gassing
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