Payment is expected at time of service for all patients. Patients should contact their insurers to inquire about their coverage, deductibles, and yearly payment maximums. Patients are ultimately responsible for payment of their charges. Dr. Forbes will provide appropriate diagnostic codes and procedure codes for Insurance submission. Prescribed supplements are not covered, as they are not considered “Pharmaceutical” by insurance companies.

There is a charge for cancellations within 48 hours of an appointment time. There will be a fee of $100 for cancellation notices less than 48 hours.

Medicinary Requests

Please call ahead for Pharmacy refills unless coming in for a scheduled office visit. Pharmacy may be available for pick up, or may be mailed directly to you for a nominal shipping fee.

Emergency & Crisis

This office does not treat emergency trauma/crisis.

Contact your nearest emergency facility for this, or dial 911. I can provide support to quicken the healing process and alleviate pain. I work as specialists in natural therapy, along with allopathic treatment as well.

Product Return Policy

1. Conditions of Returns: Patient has the right to inspect all Products and to reject Products that are defective or damaged, subject to the terms below, which are the sole and exclusive terms and conditions governing the return by Patients of Julianne M. Forbes, N.D.

2. Items Eligible for 100% Credit of product purchase with prior Authorization when reported Within Five (5) business Days of Receipt of Order
product recall, duplicate shipment, order error by our office or carrier delivery error or visible damage
Full UNOPENED and UNMARKED bottles only

3. Items Eligible for 80% Credit of Product purchase with Prior Authorization Shipping charges excluded
Order error by Customer reported within five (5) business days of order
Full UNOPENED and UNMARKED bottles only

4. Refrigerated Products cannot be Credited unless the shipment error was made by our office

Julianne M. Forbes, N.D. LLC reserves the right to evaluate all returns, administer this policy on an individual basis and to alter the Return of Goods Policy at any time.

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to continuing our service to meet your needs.

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